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January 03
Plastic and refracted light create inspiring art

Can pieces of colored plastic make for fun, yet intriguing art? We definitely think so – especially after seeing the work from Bahar Yurukoglu recently featured on the Fast Company design blog.

The Turkish artist uses plastic and carefully refracted light to create floating, colorful landscapes that evoke as much fun as they do satire. She makes known her thoughts on how the material is a major source of pollution, yet choses to feature it as the primary component of her work. By doing so, she’s almost preserving and upcycling the plastic, so that it does not end up as wasted material.

We love how clean and energetic each piece is. How are you using simple materials to create fun, inspiring pieces for interior design?

 Elegy for Place by Bahar Yurukoglu    


 New Crack City by Bahar Yurukoglu