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December 05
Pantone announces radiant orchid as 2014 color of the year!

Pantone Orchid.jpg

Image via Pantone

At the end of a year focused on the rich and deep tones of emerald, Pantone announced today the color of the year for 2014 – radiant orchid! This blend of purple, pink and fuchsia is a vibrant yet subtle hue, and according to Leatrice Eisemen​, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®, the color “encourages expanded creativity and originality.”

We love the enchanted aesthetic that radiant orchid brings to interior spaces and fashion alike. Take a look at where we’ve spotted the hue so far.

The vibrant color was featured on the 2014 spring runway of MaxMara, Yoana Baraschi and Temperly Longon among others. 

 Radiant Orchid Fashions.jpg
  Image via Fashionisers

Used creatively as a playful accent, this hue makes entertaining that much more festive. We love how it makes this cocktail look like a gemstone.

Orchid Cocktail.jpg
  Image via Pinterest

You can also find the color in many of Milliken's floor covering collections, including Color Wash and our award-winning Allumé collection.

 Color Wash - orchid resemblance.jpgFocus_random_accent1m.jpg
  Color Wash in Matter, Fuchsine                                                 
Allumé in Focus with accent

Read more about radiant orchid and it’s reason for being selected as the 2014 Pantone color of the year on Pantone.com and be sure to follow Pantone on Twitter at @Pantone.      

What are your thoughts on this color? We would love to know if and how you plan to incorporating radiant orchid into your design work.