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August 03
2012 Festival Des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architecture)

​This summer, the 7th annual Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architecture) in Montpelier, France featured inspiring designs that perfectly illustrate the intimate relationship between contemporary architecture, installation and the distinctive site. Eleven teams were selected to design and construct architectural installations embedded within courtyards of various private mansions throughout the city.

Each installation was remarkably different, providing a fun adventure for architecture explorers! Check out some of our favorite installations that are sure to spark your imagination.


The winner, Premiere Neige, invited guests to explore the courtyard from up above!


Sometimes there is more to architecture than what initially meets the eye. This structure, Invitation a la Levitation, can play tricks on you if you look too quick. Is it magic, or just great design?


We love the playful feel of the ByeByeBalloon installation! We can’t help but be reminded of the innocent freedom and excitement of a child.


Imagine what you could discover by looking at a space from another’s perspective. Cite Surprise, Cite Surprenante, does just that by allowing viewers to discover new elements through a guided visual tour.