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October 18
Beautifully Upcycled – A sustainable collection

​If you are a fan of our Facebook page, we hope you have noticed our weekly #BeautifullyUpcycled posts that showcase beautiful designs made from repurposed materials. We are continually amazed and inspired by the endless range of materials used to create stunning works of art by innovative minds.

What unexpected materials have you seen repurposed? Here are a few of our favorites to ignite your sustainable spirit.

Signage turned seating makes for a graphic, urban and unusual display. Designer Boris Bailey celebrates American street-aesthetic with these wonderful upcycled chairs.


Artist Mark Langan creates sustainable works of art from nothing more than old cardboard boxes, a razor knife and non-toxic glue. The stunning sculptural quality of combining these materials is most inspiring.


This innovative design repurposes two unlikely materials - books and an old chair - to realize a stunning piece of furniture.


How sweet the sound of a sustainable design – especially when it’s a JukeCase! Design company Son Valise creates unique portable audio systems from upcycled vintage suitcases and speakers.


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