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November 09
Using Light to Create Intriguing Interiors

We love the design trend of using playful aspects of light to enhance great design. Creating interiors with the visual qualities of light in mind can bring a new level of interest and intrigue to the space.

We recently came across a designer on Design Milk that used light to create an unexpected effect on walls. Billy May introduced “Torn Lighting,” which illuminates an interior by creating the illusion of walls with slits and tears.



At Milliken, we have explored a similar notion by surveying how light plays with pile height on the floor plane. Our Illumine collection, introduced at NeoCon 2011, showcases the effect of light and shadows on fabric. From every angle new detail is either enhanced, or hidden, creating a beautiful and intriguing aesthetic.

Lambent and Lucent – two recently introduced patterns in the three pattern series - create luminous, subtle textures that uniquely create interplay with light.

Lucent from Milliken’s Illumine Collection

How do you use the effects of light to enhance your design work?

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