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November 29
Inspired Inspiring

We find such joy in sharing inspiration with the architectural and design community. Not only do we have an ever-changing collage of inspiring photographs on InspiredInspiring.com, but we also share weekly thought-provoking images on our Facebook​ and Twitter ​pages with #InspiringMonday. We hope you enjoy a selection of popular #InspiringMonday photographs below.

Even the simplest elements of nature - like dew drops on a dandelion - can prove to be magnificent. Photographer Sharon Johnstone escapes to another world by exploring the tiny details so often overlooked.

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Brilliant colors unfold and create a bold pattern to brighten your day. We love the color combination of this beautiful textile from artist Garima Dhawan.

A shoreline, sand and a little sun create an enchanting, sparkling spectacle. Nature truly is the most inspiring designer...


When an image cannot be immediately discerned as either a painting or photograph...

Photograph by Isabelle Chauvel