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January 30
Fun at Work Day at the Milliken Athenaeum


As members of the creative architecture and design industry, we can't help but have fun every day. However, National Fun at Work Day called for a little extra celebration around the office. 

Our associates spent the afternoon at the Milliken Athenaeum partaking in fun and whimsical activities to spark the imagination - and simply enjoy themselves and their coworkers. Activities included a friendly cornhole tournament and an art exercise while enjoying sweet treats throughout the day. 

To get creative juices flowing, associates were given a whimsical activity​ to inspire their imagination and their hearts. With a 20 minute time limit, associates were challenged to create an art piece inspired by the word "love," while respecting a few material guidelines. Pieces had to incorporate a white canvas, pencil, and a pencil sharpener in some way, along with a table full of other possibilities. Hardware, tissue paper, cotton balls, bottle caps, and yarn were among other available materials.

RTUSE.jpg IMG_4198.jpg

We hope you indulged in some fun on this entertaining day. To see more images from our fun afternoon, visit the Milliken Carpet Facebook Page, and for tips on how to make every day at work lively and entertaining, click here.  

January 27
8 Ideas to Celebrate National Fun at Work Day

 IIDA Art Activity.jpgIIDA Art Activity 2.jpg

IIDA Carolinas Chapter Board Members (left) and Milliken's Heidi Burmeister (right) created works of art while following material guidelines during the organization's 2014 annual board retreat.  

Fun is a vital aspect of innovation. Whether it is playing creative games or partaking in friendly competitions, there is no question that having fun can result in fresh perspectives to solve issues innovatively. 

In honor of National Fun at Work Day on Wednesday, January 28, we've formulated a few ideas to enliven the workday. Take some time out of the hustle and bustle to just have a little fun. 

  1. ​Host an impromptu sculpture contest using only office supplies. Time limit: 10 minutes. 
  2. Begin your meetings with each associate telling two truths and a lie. Can you decipher which is which?
  3. Have a speed painting competition. Let your creative genius thrive under pressure. 
  4. Play Frisbee with leftover carpet tile samples. Bonus: This doubles as a workout.
  5. Have an office decorating contest. Choose a theme to tie in, or make it rule-free.
  6. Hold an office-wide game of charades. We have full faith the design associates are masters of the art of drama. 
  7. Host a good old-fashioned arm wrestling competition. Show off your guns and strength.
  8. Go outside! Channel your elementary recess days and utilize any available outdoor space for recreational activities. Kickball, relay races, tag, and hide-and-seek are a few youthful options that require little equipment.

What ideas do you have to make the day a little more entertaining? Share your suggestions and photos having fun at work on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using #FunAtWorkDay15. 

January 20
Past Modern in Residential Design

As residential design evolves, there are many trends worth noticing. One trend in particular, known as "Past Modern," encourages the reinterpretation of traditional art forms or designs with digital interventions. 

Hardanger, a new residential collection from Milliken, is a great example. According to Ginny Jones, Milliken floor covering and collection desinger, "Hardanger takes the look of a traditional embroidery form and modernizes is for the floor through color, scale, and texture. This nod to the past while designing for the future is truly Milliken's legacy."

The collection's foundation brings to mind the large woolen yarns knitted into chunky cables on your favorite winter sweater. Generously scaled patterns, warm texture, and soft colors offer a strong sense of sophistication and comfort for the home. 

Seven broadloom patterns, created in 100 percent Stainmaster Tactess Nylon, offer a glamorous interpretation of traditional prints. For a modern aesthetic, a foundation of thick knitted cables is layered with playful​ textures, soft colors, and large-scale patterns, which mimic the squared threads of Hardanger often seen in Nordic embroidery.

Near solid coordinates, modern patterns, and timeless colors give interior designers a range of floor covering options and a comfortable way to approach a project. 

Hardanger-Crete_RS.jpgHardanger-Highland_Stitch_RS.jpgNotably, Hardanger is PVC free and carbon neutral, as the Milliken family of companies is a carbon-negative manufacturer certified by the Leonardo Academy Cleaner and Greener® Program. It also features high twist durability, premium dyes, Alphasan® antimicrobial treatment and MilliGuard® stain protection to extend the life of the carpet and provide hassle-free maintenance. 

How might the Past Modern trend inspire your home?

January 15
The Skinny on Milliken's Plank Program

​It took us a while, but we've trimmed down for the New Year with plank and skinny plank carpet tiles. Two new sizes (50 cm x 1 m and 25 cm x 1 m) offer varying widths to create larger-scale patterns through the strategic placement of tile, ensuring that there are no limits to your design possibilities. 

Browse some of our favorite new and trusted designs within the Milliken Planks Program:


Elevation in True North (left), and Nordic Stories in Tectonic (right)


Southern Analog in Panoramic (left), and Sound and Fury in Intensity (right)

Notably, all skinny and plank tiles are PVC free and carbon neutral, thanks to the Milliken family of companies -  carbon-negative manufacturer certified by the Leonardo Academy Cleaner and Greener Program. 

Fahrenheit in Front (left), and Fixate Loop in Victory (right)

To view a full list of the ten collections within our Planks Program, view the Planks Program Brochure. 

How will you elevate the floor plane using planks and skinny planks? 
January 13
Inspiring Design Events During Winter/Spring 2015
HD Expo.png
The upcoming months are chock-full of opportunities to network, showcase, educate, and be educated by design colleagues. Here are a few events that are sure to inspire. Be ready to mark your calendars.

The International Surface Event, January 20 - January 23 in Las Vegas, NV - #Surfaces2015
  • Three tradeshows in four days: Surfaces, StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas, and TileExpo. Expect demonstrations, new products, leading trends, and top manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Visit Milliken at Surfaces, Booth S775 

Globalshop 2015, March 24 in Las Vegas, NV - #WeLoveRetail
  • Features visual merchandising, store design and operations, digital, at-retail, and retail marketing. There will also be a keynote sessions, conference program, and many networking opportunities. 

Salone del Mobile.Milano, April 14 - April 19 in Milan, Italy - #iSaloni
  • Incorporating Italian furniture​ and furnishings since 1961, this event invites 2,500 exhibitors from all around the world to the furniture capital in Milan. Innovation and quality are the foundation of this annual event.

Expo Milano, May 1 - October 31 in Milan, Italy - #Expo2015
  • A six month festival combining the intellect of 144 countries, all unified in observing what it means when "feeding the planet, energy for life."

HD Ex​po 2015, May 13 - May 15 in Las Vegas, NV - #HDExpo15
  • Strives to bring the best available resources to professionals for their projects. It is aimed at the hospitality industry.

AIA Convention 2015, May 14 in Atlanta, GA - #AIAcon15
  • With a focus on impact, AIA brings together people and their ideas, and how we can all make an impact in our profession and where we live.

ICFF, May 16 - May 19 in New York, NY - #ICFF
  • A contemporary design event bringing together 38 countries to explore the next frontier in design. 

Clerkenwell Design Week, May 19 - May 21 held at various sites in London, England - #CDW2015
  • This three-day event brings together architects and creative businesses with a showcase of leading U.K. and international brands and companies.
January 08
Fixate Goes Green at Alvarez-Diaz & Villalon

When colors come together to form a dynamic and cheerfully fresh pattern, people surrounded by it can't help but be inspired. This is truly the case at Alvarez-Diaz & Villalon, a Puerto Rico-based design firm that strategically selected our Fixate collection to be a part of their new LEED-Platinum office space in San Juan.  

ADV-1034 web.jpeg 

Fixate not only gives vibrancy and jollity to the workspace, but it also aligns with AD&V's desire to design sustainable spaces. The collection is PVC-free, which extends the life of the carpet by up to 50 percent, and is carbon neutral, thanks to the Milliken family of companies, a third-party certified carbon negative manufacturer. 

"The AD&V offices have become something of a cultural icon in [San Juan], and the firm is immersing themselves in a local effort to reawaken this urban city. They are involved in neighborhood cleaning efforts, eat at local food trucks, and support surrounding events. The offices are used as a showroom and they are composting and feature an urban garden on their balcony. They aim to be a zero-waste operation." - AnneMarie Martin, Interiors & Sources Magazine

ADV-1127 web.jpeg ADV-1040 web.jpeg
AD&V exports their services internationally to create fresh designs, all with a green initiative. They lead by example in their own office, boasting a LEED Platinum Certification, currently the only architecture firm in Latin America and the Caribbean with this accreditation. 

As leaders in their community they strive to educate Puerto Ricans on sustainability, starting with their own office space. We are proud to be a part of their green design choices as Fixate runs throughout their studio. To see more photos of the space, click here​.  ​​ 

More about the Fixate collection:

  • A high performance, low cut pile brides the gap between soft and hard surfaces, offering ideal durability and acoustical requirements for office settings.
  • Monochromatic color combinations in fresh, clear tones, as well as subtle neutrals also provide an option for a sophisticated, highly detailed floor that lies down.
  • The collection has been third-party certified for vital sustainability attributes, including SMaRT, NSF 140 Gold/Platinum, and CRI Green Label Plus. Fixate also carries an Environmental Product Declaration, Health Product Declaration, and Declare transparency label.  

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January 06
4 Resolutions for a Greener 2015

sustainabilityoverviewHero.jpgWhat is your New Year's resolution? We have comprised a list of our top four resolutions that blend classic goals with a sustainable perspective as we work together to do more good in the world. 

With ideas from Inhabitat, here are a few of our favorite resolutions to make 2015 a more sustainable year.

1. Create a healthier you and a healthier earth - In addition to eating healthier and exercising more, take into consideration choices that are also healthy for the world. Biking to work instead of driving your car cuts down on emissions, and exercise​ increases neuroplasticity, which, in turn, increases creativity. 

2. Reuse items in good condition - The greenest interior products available are the pieces that already exists. Consider refurbishing furniture or deep cleaning flooring to find the perfect piece for both a space and the environment.

3. Work for sustainable companies - Search for the right company to work for by considering its green initiatives. Consider obtaining LEED accreditation or other green credentials to set you apart. 

4. Minimize clutter by donating used items - Unwanted clutter in homes and offices slowly accumulates throughout the year. Instead of watching the pile build, consider donating items. You can reduce landfill build up by sending unwanted items to places such as Goodwill or your local thrift shop. For used commercial carpet, learn more about Milliken's Landfill Diversion Program​.

What other ways are you making 2015 a more eco-friendly year for yourself, the A&D community, and the world around you? Tell us more. 

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December 30
Top Moments from 2014: Winning Top Industry Awards

As we conclude our countdown of top moments from the past year, we celebrate the humbling honor of being celebrated. In 2014, we were fortunate to receive an array of distinguished industry awards throughout the year. We cannot begin to express the gratitude and affirmative feeling when our work is noticed by some of the most notable and prominent leaders in the A&D industry. We consistently strive to create fresh approaches to what we do, to what we create, and how we deliver.

We hope you enjoy a list of some of our most accomplished moments in awards this past year.

  • Interior Design Best of Year for Flooring: Carpet/Broadloom - The Altered Form ​Collection
BOY 2014.jpgAltered Form_Dandelion Rug in Hydro_low res.jpg
Laura Roman, director of design at Milliken, and Kristin Gruenefeld, senior designer at Milliken, at the Best of Year Awards (left); Altered Form in Dandellon Rug (right).

  • ​Interior Design Best of Year for New Low Environmental Impact Solution - Inis Mór 
Inis Mor Argyle.jpg
Ballybane and Kilronan from 
Inis Mór. 

  • Buildings​ Product Innovations Merit Award - The Allegory Collection​
Aside and Syntax from Allegory. 

  • Archidex New Product Award - The Moment Collection
Archidex On-Air interviewing Milliken's Joyce Chay at Archidex, Malaysia's largest annual trade exhibition.  

Cresta Bledsoe, designer of the award-winning Lume e Lustro collection, and Barbara Haaksma, vice president, corporate marketing at Milliken.                                          

It has been a wonderful year for us, and we thank you for being a part of it. It is you, our customers, who encourage and drive us to continue to make floor coverings that are more colorful, customizable, durable, and sustainable. Thank you for an exciting 2014 - and cheers to the next year to come! 

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December 23
Happy Holidays from Milliken
December 23
Top 5 Moments from 2014: Introducing the Milliken Guest Blogger Program

Number two in our countdown of top moments from the past year, we celebrate launching our Milliken Guest Blogger Program.

This year we introduced a guest blog series to discuss interior design trends and issues with designers, industry organizations, and other architecture and design manufacturers. Partnering with fellow A&D leaders online gave us the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by other professionals. By opening up the floor to our colleagues, we were also able to share a range of fresh and insightful viewpoints with you.

Topics in our guest blog series ranged from perspectives on sustainable design, innovative design, and workplace design trends and influences. During 2014, participants included:

  • ​Barbara Best-Santos, leader for the Northwest region at Gensler and member of NEWH
  • Design Blitz architecture and interior design firm in San Francisco
  • Shawn Green, vice president of design and product marketing at KI Furniture 
  • The IIDA Carolinas Chapter

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 11.45.17 AM.png 
 One of two guest blog posts by Shawn Green, vice president of design and product marketing at KI Furniture.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.08.05 AM.png
A snapshot of one of three guest blog posts by IIDA Carolinas Chapter​.

We look forward to welcoming more guest blog contributors in the new year. By learning from and inspiring each other, we can continue to move the architecture and design industry forward. 

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