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July 29
Creative Art Activity Exercises Imagination


What would you create if given a blank canvas, specific materials of various forms, and told not to use a paintbrush? That is exactly what board members of IIDA Carolinas were challenged with at their annual retreat hosted at the Milliken Athenaeum.

Parameters were simple, yet stringent enough to require creativity and a unique perspective. 

Participants had 1.5 hours to use:

1. A 12" x 12" blank canvas, signed and time stamped prior to the activity

2. A pencil and pencil sharpener, which must be incorporated in the artwork 

3. A sharpie

4. Various materials laid out on tables, including yarns used to construct carpet, magazines, leafs, paints, resins, hardware, buttons, glue, and more.

5. Methods of application other than a paintbrush

The resulting pieces of art are a true illustration of the creativity that abounds in the architecture and design industry. When faced with design challenges, designers continually find inspiration to create unique interior environments.  

Creative activities like this help exercise the imagination, so there is never a lack of fresh perspectives when approaching design.

How do you exercise your imagination? We would love to know. 



The artwork created by IIDA Carolinas board members will hang in the Milliken dining commons at our international headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina. 

July 24
Six Interior Settings With Southern Analog

​We love seeing how designers create various unique interior spaces using the same Milliken floor covering collection. Incorporating additional patterns, pops of color, and creative tile placement can lend a collection an entirely new aesthetic.   

Southern Analog, one of our most popular collections, is a great floor covering solution for any space. Take a look at the collection at work in government spaces, education settings, and corporate offices.

Wiltshire Milliken Southern Analog.jpgWiltshire Southern Analog.jpg 
Wiltshire County Council in the United Kingdom pairs a charcoal gray Southern Analog with a bright pop of orange using a custom design from Milliken Custom Colors. For more images of the installation, click here.  

 WirtzBeverage Southern Analog2.jpgWirtzBeverageImage_Southern Analog.jpg
Wirtz Beverage in Illinois pairs an ash gray Southern Analog with Paste Up in gray and red to delineate spaces. To see more images of the installation, click here

Brown University Southern Analog.jpgBrown University Southern Analog 2.jpg 
Keeny Quad in Brown University features Southern Analog of bold reds and blues. The collection is paired with Consequence 2.0, which adds to movement and texture on the floor. 

Charter Communications Southern Analog.jpgCharter Communications Southern Analog 2.jpg 

Charter Communications in South Carolina features Southern Analog combined with the Monuments and Shrines collection. The heavy texture appearance rating makes the collection an ideal choice for high-traffic customer areas. To view more images of this project, click here

SF Gas Utility Provider Southern Analog 2.jpg SF Southern Analog installation.jpg
Southern Analog is combined with the Sound and Fury collection​ at a gas and utilities provider in Northern California. To view more images of the installation, click here

World Wide Technology Southern Analog.jpgWWT Out of the Shadows.jpg
World Wide Technology in Missouri features Southern Analog in dark and light shades of blue. In addition to Southern Analog, the space features the Out of the Shadows and Monuments and Shrines collections. To view more images of the installation, click here

July 23
Two Tips for Fresh Perspectives to Create Interior Experiences

Altered Form_Dandelion Rug in Hydro_low res.jpgAltered Form_Grain Field with Micro Crops Large in Hydro_low res.jpg 

To discover patterns for the Altered Form Collection, the Milliken Design Team viewed the transformation of energy in nature through micro and macro perspectives. 

The desire to create new experiences in interior environments is a critical driving force in moving interior design forward. However, the idea is much often easier said than done.

At Milliken, we look to help designers create unique interior experiences by adopting a new perspective when designing our floor covering collections. Here are two ways that we achieve this goal.

1. Take a fresh perspective on what is proven. Capitalize on what has been successful in the past and reimagine how it can be enhanced or reinterpreted.

2. Take a fresh perspective on interpretation. Open your senses to rediscover something experienced every day. Simply looking at something through a pointed lens can reveal something not noticed before.

New viewpoints and constant curiosity inspire innovation. We hope that you too will find meaningful discoveries when viewing the world's moments - small and large - through a fresh perspective.

View this article in Interior Design designwire. 

July 17
@MillikenCarpet Joins Instagram


Social media is truly changing how the architecture and design industry shares design work, gains inspiration, and experiences design. We're excited to announce that we have joined Instagram to have conversations with the A&D community in a new way. 

Join us @MillikenCarpet ​as we share inspiring images, examples of our collections at work in various settings, thoughts and ideas around sustainability, and essentially the lifestyle of design and environmental stewardship that we live at Milliken. We hope that our musings on Instagram will inspire and challenge you to redefine design. 

      Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.08.59 PM.png
Are you on Instagram? We look forward to following you on the site, too.   

If Instagram is not your social media tool of choice, we would love to connect with you on Facebook at facebook.com/millikencarpet, Twitter at twitter.com/millikencarpet, and Pinterest at pinterest.com/millikencarpet

July 15
Technology Evolves to Challenge Conventional Floor Covering


 Ballad from the Allegory Collection

Technological innovation moves the world forward, especially within the architecture and design industry. At Milliken, we aspire to constantly challenge what is possible with floor covering and create collections that provide new experiences for our customers. The Allegory collection is a reflection of this desire, as we evolve our industry-leading print technology to offer differentiated color and patterning. 

The Allegory Collection is an innovative blend of layered textures and color saturation inspired by traditional Ikat dyeing techniques. Designed by Holly Nguyen, Allegory features a reinvented construction and highlights what is possible when combining technology, texture, and color placement in a new way. 

Milliken's Millitron® printing evolves with the Allegory Collection to expand our broad color capability at the yarn-level, presenting distinct design options with the ease of tile-to-tile pattern matching printing provides. The innovation allows us to fuse various yarns and dyeing techniques to give an inherent texture and luster to the abstract patterns, as each yarn absorbs color differently. The result in an inspiring design that subtly changes color saturation as the pattern scale changes.

Syntax from the Allegory Collection

Allegory features four scales of refined patterns - Aside, Stanza, Syntax, and Ballad - for a variety of interior aesthetics. With Aside, colors blend and give a near solid, textural aesthetic. As the collection grows into a more medium scale, activity in the Stanza design becomes more visual, which then seamlessly moves into a large-scale figurative pattern with Syntax. The expansion of the pattern from small, mid, and large-scales enables the collection to address needs of various spaces, whether that is to make a bold statement or provide an understated floor plane.   

 ​Stanza from the Allegory Collection 

Other features of the collection include:
  • A tufted, textured loop construction of Milliken WearOn® Nylon Type 6,6.
  • Available in 50 cm x 50 cm modular carpet and 16 colors with a wide range of sophisticated neutrals.
  • Protected with StainSmart® - a unique formulation that provides the benefits of both stain and soil repellent and resistant.
  • Available with TractionBack® - a less costly and environmentally friendly method for laying modular carpet tile. 
  • Carries an Environmental Product Declaration, Health Product Declaration, and Declare® transparency label.
  • Can contribute towards LEEDThe Living Building Challenge, and other green building certifications.
  • PVC-free construction and manufactured by Milliken, a carbon-neutral family of companies. 


July 10
5 Tips For Selecting Sustainable Interior Products

Creating beautiful spaces that are environmentally friendly and help provide a healthy space for inhabitants is a vital component of architecture and interior design. 

Inspiring, innovative interior aesthetics and environmental stewardship are not mutually exclusive. Follow these five tips to select sustainable interior pieces for any interior space.

1. Specify pieces that emit low or zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to help improve Indoor Air Quality. Look for floor coverings that are certified by CRI Green Label Plus, which test carpet, cushions, and adhesives to help specifiers identify products with very low VOC emissions. 

Products that are SMaRT certified are required to be PVC free. According to SMaRT, the certification is the world's leading sustainable product standard and label approved by credit by the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program globally, the Canada Green Building Council, and the Australia and New Zealand Green Building Councils. 

2. Use Health Product Declarations (HPDs) to make accurate comparisons of the components of building products. These documents provide clear transparency into what is used to create a product, and will denote components in the case that any are harmful to human health.

3. Reference Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to make accurate comparisons of the environmental impact of a product over the product's entire life cycle. EPDs act like a Nutrition Label for building products and include environmental concerns. 

4. Look for Declare transparency labels, which reviews product components against a strict list of hazardous or "Red List" materials. The labels name products as either declared, Red List compliant, or Red List free. According to Eco-Building Pulse, Red List chemicals and components include asbestos, cadmium, chlorinated polyethylene and chlorosulfonated polyethylene, chlorofluorocarbons, chloroprene (neoprene), formaldehyde (added), and a known carcinogen, halogenated flame retardants, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, lead (added), mercury, petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides, phthalates, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and wood treatments containing creosote, arsenic, or pentachlorophenol.  

5. Look for ethical product manufacturers who are environmental stewards and take steps towards reducing their carbon footprint. The sustainability of a product is more than the individual product itself. It encompasses a company's manufacturing practices, environmental policies, and ethical standards as well as the environmental and health aspects of the components, longevity, and renewability of the products themselves. 

To learn more about Milliken's efforts to be an environmentally friendly manufacturer of sustainable floor coverings, visit our website​

July 08
WhitePages Features the Milliken Fixate Collection

WhitePages feat Milliken_blog 3.jpg WhitePages feat Milliken_blog 4.jpg
Photos by Sherman Takata. 

Milliken's Fixate collection was recently installed in the new WhitePages office in Seattle, Washington. We love how the innovative space, which was designed by IA Interior Architects, embraces the new workplace with vertical bike storage, an energetic aesthetic, and creative spaces for meetings.  

 WhitePages feat Milliken_blog 6.jpg
WhitePages feat Milliken_blog 5.jpg
The Fixate collection celebrates the ultimate details in stripes by exploring precision and varying widths of fine lines. The construction is a dense, high performing felt-like cut pile, which serves as the ideal canvas to showcase t​he intricate detail and print resolution.  

  • A high performance, low cut pile brides the gap between soft and hard surfaces, offering ideal durability and acoustical requirements for office settings. 
  • Monochromatic color combinations in fresh, clear tones, as well as subtle neutrals, also provide an option for a sophisticated, highly detailed floor that lies down.
  • Playful and bold multicolor combinations capture a brighter attitude and provide an optimistic environment. 

WhitePages feat Milliken_blog 2.jpg
To view other installations of Fixate within various settings, visit:
July 03
Quarles & Brady - A Case Study

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 3.59.37 PM.png

Quarles & Brady - A Case Study​

As a national law firm with many locations across the United States, Quarles & Brady found that meaningful office design plays a vital role in both cost control and talent recruitment. 

This video case study highlights how Quarles & Brady and design firm Chemistry in Place looked to Milliken for a floor covering leader with innovative solutions to fit any market. The result is a creative, modern design that meets the standards of today and will remain relevant for years to come. 




July 02
8 Ways to Discover Design Inspiration

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.38.45 AM.png Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.38.34 AM.png Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.45.01 AM.png Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.38.22 AM.png

​Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to look with a fresh perspective and open mind to see a world of new possibilities. 

We've collected our favorite tips to discover inspiration and foster creativity from both the Milliken Design Team and industry sources. We hope you'll be inspired, too. ​ 

8 Ways to Discover Inspiration

  • Do research. Look at old books and paintings. Throughout history, art, pattern and design have evolved differently around the world. Find inspiration in the various aesthetics of traditional designs within each unique culture.   
  • Collect and reference things that inspire you. Keep a file of thought-provoking images, textures and fun, unique ideas. Thumb through your collection and see how time alters your interpretation.

  • Go on a walk and leave your guidebook behind. Venture outside daily for a dose of clarity. Exercise is proven to increase neuroplasticity, which in turn increases creativity and inspirational thoughts. Additionally, the repetitiveness of walking helps to free the mind.  

  • Take part in a whimsical activity and embrace a child's point of view. Whimsical activities keep creativity fresh and inspired. Carve out time to approach a fun art project with a particular theme in mind and see what you discover. The purity can be refreshing and clear. 

  • Change up your routine. Normalcy can hinder the mind from thinking out of the box. Change up your daily routine on a regular basis and see life through a new and inspired perspective.  

  • Meditate. Living in the present is a great way to gain clarity and understanding. Remove yourself from all distractions and approach your creative projects in a fully present state of mind.

  • Pull in team members. A fresh perspective from someone who is removed from a project can help you develop a new viewpoint. Collaboration is key to breaking a creative block.  

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. The greatest success often comes with the greatest risk of failure, but you cannot let the fear of making a mistake dictate the creative process. Let your mind be fearlessly inspired - and see just where it will take you. 

To explore more images and ideas that inspire architects, designers, and creative thinkers around the world, visit www.inspiredinspiring.com.  
June 26
Achieving Functional & Effective Education Design with Carpet
Cornerstone University_Fixate 1.jpgCornerstone University_Fixate 3.jpg 
Vibrant colors from The Fixate collection by Milliken helps delineate​ spaces and facilitate way finding in the Graduate Studies building at Cornerstone University.  

Effective classroom design is quite the topic of conversation, especially since a 2013 study published in the journal Building and the Environment revealed that student learning is indeed highly effected by classroom spaces. Fast Company shared that the study "found that classroom design could be attributed to a 25% impact, positive or negative, on a student's progress over the course of an academic year."  

Of course, however important beautiful classroom design is, functionally remains imperative. Factors, such as color, complexity, choice, flexibility​, connection, and light, which were noted in the aforementioned study as highly influential in educational spaces, must be presented in a way that is functionally beneficial for schools.

Floor covering can play a vital role in creating a stimulating and inspiring environment for students of all ages while providing incredible functionality. Optimal floor covering solutions for schools are supported with anti-microbial and stain resistant and repellant, which increase the life of the carpet. Modular tile also provides added functionality and maintenance benefits - as individual tiles can be easily lifted to be cleaned or replaced. 

We believe that good design should not be forsaken for functionality. We believe it should also stand up to the roughest treatment, whether in a student center, library, sports complex, office, or the classroom itself. 

To view Milliken floor covering collections within a variety of education settings, visit our online Image Gallery
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