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June 25
4 Ways to spark Inspiration

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Where can we look for inspiration? The short answer: everywhere​. Artists, psychologists and designers all agree that the continuous search for inspiration is internal and external, online and offline, inside and outside. 

A person's individual perspective allows each of us to find inspiration in various places. Whether it is mining creative pins on Pinterest, listening to a new song playlist or taking a different route on a run and observing new homes and landscapes, inspiration is all around us​. 

Mix up your mode of inspiration with these four tips:


Peruse creative blogs and websites. Listen to music. Read a book or watch a movie. Go to a craft fair or click around artistic websites, such as Etsy, Pinterest, or Design Milk. Consider these websites, newsletters, and magazines to kick-start inspiration:


Reconnect with nature. Travel. Eat at a new restaurant. Take a walk and study local architecture or landscape.


Check out package designs, logos and branding. Look at fashion blogs or scope out street style. Pick up the latest issue of Vogue or even scroll through an enticing Instagram feed.


While it's true that breakthroughs sometimes come in times of exhaustion, or maybe after your evening glass of Pinot Noir, there are other healthy ways to enhance creativity. Consider meditating. Practice yoga. Clear your mind and make space for inspiration with physical activity. 

The quest for inspiration is ever evolving. Mix up your normal routine and see what happens!