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July 21
Channel Inspiration Through 2 Building Blocks of Graphic Design

Graphic design has become ubiquitous. Our ever-increasing exposure to media online and apps means that we are constantly consuming digital art and design.

How often do you see an eye-catching piece of graphic design and wish that you could create something like it?

With access to a plethora of design applications and software at our fingertips, there are no barriers to what we can create. 

The most basic foundation of graphic design consists of color and typography. With that base, the options for creativity are endless. Today, we’ll explore creative applications and online portfolios that you can use to channel your inspiration, and bring out your inner artist.


Color is the building block of art. Whether you choose high saturation and vibrant tones or keep it classic in black and white, color is the starting point of design. Exploring color combinations and understanding the relationship between different hues can spark inspiration that you can use in your favorite medium. From painting to interior design, furthering your appreciation of color can enhance your artistic work.

There are countless websites that allow users to examine color in interactive, new ways. Here are a few of our favorites:


Font is the vehicle through which messages are conveyed. It’s the first impression of written communication. Whether you want to add existing fonts to your arsenal, explore exciting, new typefaces, or learn how to create your own alphabet, there’s a website that can help.

Typography inspiration:

For a regular delivery of font inspiration, subscribe to the MyFonts Rising Stars and Creative Characters newsletters. You’ll receive monthly updates on popular new fonts.

Behance showcases cutting-edge design of all sorts, including an amazing selection of typography. Some are even available for free download.

Create your own typography:

Metaflop is a sleekly designed site that allows you to design your own typeface with an easy-to-use control board. Simply slide controls around parameters like width, height, and shape, and voila! New font.

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