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August 18
Utilizing the Unique: Pinterest Tools

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Pinterest has evolved into an incredibly useful tool for individuals and organizations alike, especially within the architecture and design industry. Its features make it more than an online board of your favorite things – with additions like secret boards, buyable pins, and the ability to add locations – Pinterest is a strategic social platform to add to your arsenal of design tools.

Secret Boards

By adding a secret board to your page, you can plan or brainstorm with clients and colleagues in private. This is a great option for communicating ideas to a client or with members of your organization. If you want to keep track of trends or your competitors’ activity – you can do it out of sight. Maybe you just want a place to collect inspiration for a project or take your time curating a board before making it public – all of that is possible with Pinterest secret boards.

Place Pins

The ability to tag your pins with locations adds a real-world, geographical element to your online presence. This gives Pinterest a more interactive feel. You can use the locations to map out all kinds of activities: show the exact locations and geographical presence of your projects, locate your favorite art museums across the country, or tag locations that inspire you around the world.

Buyable Pins

This month, Pinterest introduced its newest function: pins you can purchase. These pins have blue prices, which signals that the specific product is available for purchase. This is useful for both the seller and the consumer. It enables individuals as well as companies big and small to sell their content. For those of us who want to turn our time exploring online into something more tangible, simply find a buyable pin, and purchase what you need.

To explore more ways to take advantage of Pinterest for architecture and interior design, take a look at our CEU on Pinterest and the A&D Community.

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