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September 09
Floor Covering Drives Experience at Arizona State University

ASU crater carpet 1.png
The design of interior environments can be used to elicit particular feelings, foster relationships, and even cultivate creativity. Arizona State University (ASU) had goals like these in mind when it set out to design its newly constructed Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building.

The building is a place of work, study, and discovery for astronomers, physicists, and system engineers, intended to elevate science and technological literacy among both faculty and students. 

It features a stunning focal point - the attention-grabbing School of Earth & Science Exploration atrium. The light-filled open-air atrium was built around a central swath of flooring. ASU turned to Milliken to provide an eye-catching floor covering custom designed for that space, which is the common denominator for the building, as it is visible from each of its seven floors.

ASU crater carpet 2.png 

The carpet tile designed draped 7,000 square yards of flooring with high-performance, patterned tile that is large enough to be viewed at a distance but detailed enough to be appreciated close up.

Milliken designers incorporated three-dimensional photos of meteor impact craters taken from a Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera onto the carpet tiles. The tiles, digitally printed in gray scale, realistically replicate the colors, shades, and gradients captured in the impressive photography. In all, the flooring features 20 separate tile designs, which were combined into a unique mosaic. 

The affectionately called “crater carpet” draws the eyes of its visitors to the seating areas that top it, highlighting a central location designed to foster creativity, discussion, and collaboration across a slew of fields. 

“We wanted to offer those who inhabit the space an informal learning center. In the end, it was a fun challenge to see how we could incorporate beautiful imagery into an environment that would be appreciated, understood and learned by many.” - Patricia Rhee, AIA, associate at Ehrlich Architects

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All photos courtesy of Ehrlich Architects/HDR Architecture, Inc.