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September 09
Celebrate, Collaborate, and Create

Library_unsplash.jpgSeptember 10 is National Swap Ideas Day, a holiday designed to encourage people to discuss, trade, and cultivate creative, helpful, or interesting ideas. Whether you swap ideas with one person or with a group, collaborating with others offers a breadth of benefits.

Discussing ideas and thinking out loud with others can yield breakthroughs that would otherwise go unnoticed. Interior design, particularly in places of business, can set both tone and pace, and impact the ways in which associates interact with one another. Cultivating open spaces, shared desks, or a variety of meeting spaces can facilitate fruitful conversation and collaboration. In fact, Milliken has long embraced the practice of designing environments specifically to foster collaboration.

Even the placement of communal places like coffee machines, restrooms, and water coolers can be helpful. When Steve Jobs designed the Pixar offices, he placed the restrooms in a central location, between different, essentially unrelated departments, to facilitate intersections among various kinds of employees. 

Collaboration doesn’t even have to happen face to face anymore. With the proliferation of technology, we are free to communicate with friends, colleagues, and peers online. Pinterest, for example, is a great place to source ideas in a group. You might create and share a secret board with others to swap or group ideas for a project.

Collaborating is sometimes about sourcing inspiration. Looking to others can spark your creativity, propelling your idea to the next level. Brainstorm with people whose work you admire, or ask for a second opinion as you develop your next project.

However you decide to celebrate National Swap Ideas Day, remember that every collaboration is an opportunity to grow, create, and innovate.​