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September 17
IDC Announces Design Research Award Winners, Presented by Milliken

IDC Design Research Award logo.png
This year, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) and Milliken presented the First Annual Design Research Awards. These awards were designed to honor men and women propelling change and progress in the A&D industry through Evidence Based Design (EBD), which uses research and data to direct decisions about interior environments and physical spaces. Researchers use EBD to advance our industry through the marriage of data-driven research and design to create purpose-driven solutions.

Sponsored by Milliken, certificates and cash prizes of $5,000 for the educator/practitioner winner and $2,500 for the student winner were awarded at IDC’s 43rd annual meeting on September 11, 2015. 

Doaa Khattab, the winner in the student category, and Angela Bourne, who won in the practitioner/educator category, both focused on creating design solutions to better serve all members of society.

Doaa Khattab designed an inclusive and innovative “wayfinding” system in grocery stores, which acts as an aid for visually impaired shoppers. The system helps them locate the center zone, orient between various aisles, and navigate through the store to improve their shopping experiences.

Angela Bourne’s project was designed for adults with intellectual development diversities. Angela Bourne noted that she looked forward “to using these funds to do new research that contributes to the development of best practices for the design of built environments that are socially sustainable.”

The two winning proposals proved worthy and relevant by outlining the benefits of their design on both the profession and society as a whole. 

Stacy Walker, director of customer experience for Milliken, shared in a release announcing the winners: “Angela and Doaa’s research provides evidence that meaningful interior design can improve the built environment in a way that enhances people’s lives on a daily basis. Their leadership in producing purpose-driven solutions shows what 'good design' entails - enhancing the interior experience of every person." 

Next year’s award will be open for entries in spring 2016. ​