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September 17
Reaching New Latitudes Through Perspective

The way we experience life is steered by our unique points of view. Perspective colors each interaction with meaning, and informs our consideration of the environments that surround us. 

Consider a viewpoint. From close range, our eyes perceive intricate details, hone in on minutia, and appreciate nuance. From great heights, that same view becomes distorted as we consider a vaster vista. Our reality of every day is shaped by such points of view.

This idea is captured by the Latitude collection, a new concept that interprets geometrics that are softened by shifting organics. The collection boasts 32 colors, a combination of 16 neutrals and 16 companion accents. Each accent includes a particular neutral coordinate color in its design. Use the neutrals for a more natural aesthetic, elevate the design by incorporating corresponding accent colors, or consider a bold flooring by letting the accent palette take center stage.

Other features of this collection include:

  • Comfort Plus® & Underscore™, Milliken’s cushion backing systems that provide superior comfort, extends the carpet’s life by up to 40%, and improves acoustics by absorbing up to 50% more noise
  • StainSmart® for state-of-the-art protection against stains and soil
  • Available in 25 cm x 1 m plank carpet tiles
  • Total Recycled Content of 26%

Embrace new perspectives with Latitude’s On The Grid design, and bring a new point of view to your interior environment.