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The Imagine carpet collection by Milliken takes residential patterned carpet to the next level, layering pattern and color to create a collection of flooring that will work in any décor.

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We’re bold collaborators who are inspired to create exceptional products that we hope inspire the designer in you. We’re driven to deliver purposeful flooring solutions that add value, improve health and safety and make this world sustainable. Grace your home with our rugs and carpets and benefit from over 40 years of meeting the exacting specifications of interior designers and architects. 

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​Visualize Milliken rugs and carpets at home using 3D technology. Choose your decorating style, color palette and pattern type. It’s fun and easy. 

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 Count on Milliken area rugs to add room-defining style to any home or office. Easy to maintain, all our rugs come with a 10-year warranty and MilliGuard® 5-year soil and stain-resistance protection. ​
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Made with premium WearOne® nylon and soil protection, our carpets are created to give long-lasting beauty. Plus, create custom-color carpets using our Easy Change™ system of colors and best-selling carpet patterns. 

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Our Legato Carpet System gives you the look and feel of wall-to-wall carpet with the DIY installation ease of carpet tiles. Legato panels fit together quickly and feature TractionBack® high-friction coating, the no-hassle, eco-friendly  way to keep modular tile in place.

Performance Features

Our products are engineered with premium quality nylon fiber and New Zealand wool and made in the U.S.A. By using only the finest raw materials, we form a strong base for superb appearance and durability. They incorporate a host of technologies to protect their long-term appearance as well as ensure hassle-free installation, including:


Our products have higher twist levels than the industry average for more durability.


We carefully select our dyes to reduce fading and ensure long-lasting beauty. 



Our patented technology uses millions of computer commands to control the dyeing and critical color matching so that your carpet is as beautiful as it is durable. This technology also enables us to create designs that offer the largest variety of size and scale. Your imagination is the only limit.


Helps prevent mold, which in turn, makes life a little easier for you and your family and extends the life of your carpet.


Our no-hassle, eco-friendly way to keep modular tile in place.


Significantly reduces soil accumulation and assists in soil removal during your normal vacuuming and cleaning.  ​
From fiber to finish, Milliken rugs and carpets give you the highest quality. You can purchase a less expensive carpet, but it won’t offer you the long-lasting beauty, and easy care and cleaning that Milliken floor coverings do. And we back up our products with some of the industry’s best warranties. 





We recommend Capture® Textile and Carpet Care. This dry polymer technology not only cleans better than wet systems but it’s also environmentally sustainable and removes dirt, dust and allergens without the use of toxic chemicals. Plus, Capture meets CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) criteria as an effective deep-extraction method of cleaning, which means fibers stay cleaner longer and your investment lasts longer.