Milliken Luxury Vinyl Tile





Wear Layer Thickness 
28 mil (0.7 mm)

Overall Thickness 
.100” (2.5 mm)





ADÁMAS™ POLYURETHANE COATING  UV-cured coating that provides excellent stain and abrasion resistance, eliminates the need for wax, 
polishes and harsh chemicals—reduced maintenance costs and improved IAQ.

TRANSPARENT WEAR LAYER  Hard wearing, provides long lasting appearance retention in heavy commercial traffic environments

PRINTED LAYER  This layer utilizes high definition print film for stunning, eye-perfect, authentic visuals.

CORE AND BACKING LAYERS  Our high vinyl content core and backing ensures, excellent dimensional stability, impact resistance and durability.

Milliken Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) provides an industry-leading sustainable solution for hard surface flooring. As a 
FloorScore® certified product, Milliken LVT meets strict indoor air quality and volatile organic compound (VOC) emission 
criteria for LEED, CHPS, the Green Guide for Health Care, NSF/ANSI 332, and other green building certifications.

Milliken LVT is highly durable resilient flooring engineered with the highest quality raw materials to provide unsurpassed 

performance and enduring aesthetics. Milliken LVT utilizes DOTP, an non ortho- phthalate  that is proven safe and effective with regard to 
human and environmental impact. All production waste is granulated and recycled into backing production to create an internal closed loop 
recycling process. Milliken LVT is manufactured at facilities that are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant.

Additional Information

LVT Construction

From natural looks of wood and stone to more 
modern textures and abstracts, Milliken’s collection 
of Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring creates new options 
for a commercial or hospitality interior. Our simple 
to search Color Reference system provides easy 
coordination of the LVT options to modular and 
broadloom carpets. From carpet tile to broadloom to 
planks to LVT, Milliken provides durable and elegant 
options for your project.