We offer Care Plans for your space and, in turn, for your well-being.

It starts with caring for your carpet and textiles, which shows how much you care about your employees and their 
productivity as well as your visitors and their comfort.

We care for the environment with products and a method that improve Indoor Air Quality and reduce water 
consumption and your carbon footprint. We care about you professionally by saving you time through customized 
service plans for your entire space provided for by our franchise network. You work healthier and live healthier, and 
the planet is a better place because of it. We can bring that same quality of care and service to you wherever you are. 
milliCare takes caring for your flooring and textiles off your to-do list, which means that you get to skip right to the part 
where you get to lean back, put your hands behind your head, and be a hero for keeping a beautifully cleaned space.

Services Offered

For us, it's just another day at your office.

At the end of the day, the lights go down and green-shirted milliCare


 technicians work their magic for a clean that’s 

more than meets the eye.


With a customized plan that addresses the needs of your 
facility, your carpet will be clean, it will last longer, and better 
yet, you won’t have to give it another thought. 


Fact: the textiles in your space are dirty. Reupholster? Too 
time-consuming. Replace? Way too expensive. Clean? It's 
easier than you think.


Just twenty minutes. And you're left with air that's fresh, 
clean, and safe for your employees and the environment.


It’s there. The employees can see it. That stain! It’s always 
there. Catching their eye. Staring back at them. Driving them 
crazy! But they don’t know how to get rid of it. They don’t 
know who to turn to. Let them know you’ve got the answer.


Carpet that's protected is easier to clean and harder to stain. 
That means easier maintenance. Lowered costs. And your 
job? Simplified.


Go from to-do to ta-da with a mat system designed to keep 
your entrance impressively clean no matter the traffic patterns.

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Floor & Textile Care