Milliken is dedicated to designing innovative products and solutions 
for our customers that minimize environmental impact.

Milliken designs:


Products with the maximum amount of recycled content


Products and services that maximize their useful life


Products that are easily recycled at the end of their useful life

Additionally, Milliken is utilizing the world’s first and only 100% 
recycled polymer in our solution-dyed nylon collections. 


End of Life

Milliken takes responsibility for the end of life of our products and for 
any competitors’ products we replace. We work with our strategic 
partners to divert old carpet from landfills and into the most 
appropriate application, while reducing the impact on our Earth. 



Milliken manufactures products via methods that are beyond 
compliance to regulation by continual reduction of the 
environmental impact of our operations. 


Environmental Health and Safety

The safety and well being of the associates in our workforce is 
paramount. We exceed expectations in compliance around the globe 
by setting benchmarks for efficiency and safety.



Milliken has also demonstrated a commitment to transparency by 
disclosing the components of our commercial carpet tile products 
through Declare®, a voluntary labeling program and database 
operated by the International Living Future Institute™, and complies 
with the Red List Imperative of the Living Building Challenge™.

Milliken’s Five Pillars of Sustainability

Our five pillars of sustainability—products, end of life, operations, environmental health 
and safety, and transparency—support initiatives that hold our organization accountable 
to the global community for the impact we have on the Earth. 

Our Commitment to 


Sustainability—Core to Our Culture

At Milliken, we believe that a healthy enterprise and healthy Earth are 
vitally linked. We care about and respect each other, our customers and 
the world we share.

While we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, we 
derive our greatest satisfaction from creating innovations that help solve 
the world’s problems at a human level by, adding value to people’s lives, 
improving health & safety, and making this world sustainable.

One of our most recent sustainability drivers includes the introduction of 

Landfill Diversion Program, simple means for customers to divert old 

carpet from landfills.



All Milliken Carpet products are free of the 15 Red List chemicals 
defined in the Living Building Challenge


52% of the energy used in the manufacture of our carpet is renewable 
through company owned hydroelectric facilities and local landfill 
methane gas harvesting.


Product Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) are used for New Product 
Development. Milliken has used the Design for Environment (DfE) 
process for our commercial carpet products since 2002.


Our polyurethane backed cushion increases the life of carpet more 
than 40%.


All Milliken products have Environmental Product Declarations 
(EPD’s) that are third party certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL).


Zero waste to the landfill from our Milliken US carpet manufacturing 
facilities since 1992.


All Milliken Carpet products are 3rd party certified NSF-140 Gold 
or Platinum.


All U.S. plants are certified as OSHA VPP STAR Sites


All carpet manufacturing sites are ISO-14001 Certified—the highest  
global standard for environmental responsibility.


First US carpet manufacturer to obtain carpet manufacturing 
certification for the ISO 9000 Series Standard for quality.


Continuous improvement for reduction of energy and water 
consumption for carpet manufacturing ongoing since 1980’s.

For an extensive look into Milliken’s sustainability efforts, visit 
millikenfloors.com and view our 2015 Sustainability Report.