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Arctic Survey - Shackleton
Meet Arctic Survey
Ice is ever changing. Layers form over centuries from the seasons’ ebb and flow. Exploring this frigid environment requires the heart of an explorer and its constant yearning for discovery. The Arctic offers a place of solitude and a counterbalance to an idea of natural beauty.

NeoCon 2017

​Experience our bold new floor covering collections through the lens of 360-degree video technology. Move your device around or click and drag your cursor to explore our space at NeoCon 2017, as we bring our Chicago showroom to you. Open YouTube in Chrome or Firefox to view in 360 degrees.

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Looking for our NeoCon 2016 showroom video?

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Our portfolio of products spans the globe so that we're ready when you need the best design and engineered performance. To find the right product for your next project, select a region and begin your discovery of Milliken flooring products.

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We’re bold collaborators who are inspired to create exceptional products intended to inspire the designer in you. We’re driven to deliver purposeful flooring solutions that add value, improve health and safety and help make this world sustainable for all segments of the commercial carpet market including Corporate, Education, Government, Healthcare, Senior Living, Retail, Aviation and Assembly. ​

Our Services

We understand the market moves quickly and immediate response is key to making projects successful. Our sales teams, designers and technical staff operate fluently in every time zone around the globe, which helps us answer questions quickly and facilitate new and inspiring projects — where ever they may be.

Want to move a little faster? Consider our Sametime Designer Service. This lets you schedule a design session with a Milliken Carpet Designer online, while sharing screens and collaborating on design concepts real-time. It facilitates the custom design process and helps ensure your vision is brought to life.

Need carpet ASAP? For projects that require delivery in days, not weeks, we have the right solutions for your fast-paced projects. Take a look at our QuickShip Collections now.

Performance Features

Our floor coverings incorporate a host of technologies to protect and ensure long-term appearance retention as well as hassle-free installation and may include:

• StainSmart® soil protection
• AlphaSan® antimicrobial treatment
• TractionBack® high-friction coating for eco-friendly, adhesive-free installation (modular carpet only)
• ColorSeal® bleach resistance


Our products are backed by lifetime commercial warranties that ensure quality and give peace of mind. Milliken stands behind its products, protecting the beauty of the project and the design team’s reputation.

Milliken Commercial ModularMilliken Commercial Modular

Milliken Commercial BroadloomMilliken Commercial Broadloom

Milliken Test ReferencesMilliken Test References


Learn more about our low-odor modular tile adhesives.

Milliken Test ReferencesMilliken Moisture Pro 90 - TDS

Milliken Test ReferencesMilliken Moisture Pro 90 - MSDS​

Milliken Test ReferencesMilliken Moisture Pro 95 - TDS*

Milliken Test ReferencesMilliken Moisture Pro 95 - MSDS*


* Moisture Pro 95 is only available within the USA.​


We recommend MilliCare® Textile and Carpet Care. This dry polymer technology not only cleans better than wet systems but it’s also environmentally sustainable and removes dirt, dust and allergens without the use of toxic chemicals. Plus, MilliCare meets CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) criteria as an effective deep-extraction method of cleaning, which means fibers stay cleaner longer and your investment lasts longer.

Milliken Carpet Maintenance ProceduresMilliken Recommended Carpet Maintenance Procedures