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Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles
There are two types of commercial carpet backing: hardback and cushion. We believe strongly that cushion backing is the best choice - so much so that we use cushion backing on all of our carpet tile products, as standard. ​​​​
What is Cushion Backing?
​​Cushion backing is a layer of padding that’s built into the carpet tile.

Cushion backing can significantly improve carpet appearance retention: the cushion absorbs the impact of foot traffic, rather than the carpet fibers. This benefit allows your carpet to stay looking like new for longer.

Cushion backing comes in two varieties: open cell cushion and closed cell cushion. Most cushion backed carpet tiles use closed cell cushioning, which protects the carpet fibers in the short term. But over time, this type of cushioning gets broken down by the impact of foot traffic – reducing the cushion’s shock absorption.

Milliken’s innovative open cell cushion is made from the type of foam used in most athletic shoe insoles, and provides the best combination of durability and cushioning. It offers superior protection against wear and tear. Unlike closed cell cushion, this type of carpet backing ‘re-inflates’ after compression, protecting carpet fibers for longer than any other type of carpet backing.​
The Benefits of Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles
Increased Durability
​​Cushion backing can prolong the life expectancy of carpet tiles by 40-50% compared with hardback products.
Unparalleled Moisture Management
​​Open cell cushion backing is permeable, meaning that water vapor molecules can pass through your carpet and evaporate away. This eliminates the need to carry out extensive moisture mitigation before installation, and there’s no risk of expensive moisture problems either.

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Chemical Non-Reactivity
​​Milliken cushion backed carpet tiles are chemically inert, so there’s no risk of an adverse reaction with old products from a previous install. This can save hours of expensive floor preparation, as there’s no need to painstakingly remove every trace of adhesive before installing your new flooring.
Designed for Comfort
​​Cushion backing provides greater underfoot support than other carpet types. It can reduce muscle strain by as much as 24% compared with hardback carpet tiles - making a noticeable improvement to the comfort levels of standing workers, and employees in sit-to-stand workplaces.
Health and Wellness
​​High noise levels have been shown to increase stress levels, which in turn can have a big impact on workers’ overall health and wellness. Milliken cushion backed carpet tiles absorb 50% more noise than hardback carpet, which in turn absorb three times as much noise as hard surface flooring.
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