How can ontera produce custom samples so quickly?
At Ontera, we love creativity, colour and design. It's a part of ​our DNA. We think the world would be a boring place if not for people who want to create something differe​nt.
It's because of this passion that we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art yarn dying technologies that ensure we are several generations ahead of our competitors. This technology makes us efficient, environmentally friendly and best of all enables us to easily customise yarn colours with a high degree of accuracy and flexibility. And because we do this in our Sydney production facility, we can respond to you within days.​

Are t​​he yarn colours permanent?    ​​
Yes. Despite what some our competitors may imply, our yarn dying process heats the yarn to a very high temperature, ensuring that the dye is fully absorbed right to the very core of the yarn fibres. If you look at our product under a microscope, you can see that the dye colour actually permeates all of the yarn. Additionally, all Ontera products are supported by a comprehensice 15-year Wear warranty.    ​

Are t​​he yarn colours permanent?
Ontera custom products are supported by a comprehensive 15-year Design Availability warranty, meaning that we can provide ongoing supply without risk. This is especially important for corporate end users who require ongoing supply over a number of years. 
We can do this because we can fully contro​l yarn colouring in-house through our next generation digitally controlled yarn dying systems. Unlike our competitors, we are not reliant on colour availability from offshore suppliers who regularly discontinue yarn ranges based on global sales trends.

​Is the​​ quality as good as your standard ranges?
Absolutely. In fact, Ontera only​ ever uses premium quality nylon 6,6 yarns systems, which are a much higher quality than cheap nylon 6 yarns (as used by almost all of our competitors). Nylon 6,6 yarns fibres are far stronger at the chemical level, meaning that our products will hold their colours and texture for longer. ​​​