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Any single piece of a bird’s nest is weak. But together, they form a constellation of tiny junctures that, as one, can withstand the strongest winds and the heaviest rain. Consequence builds upon a multitude of simple lines to form a design that is synaptic and yet structural, fractal and yet strong.

Taking cues from the shapes created when a ‘wish tree’ is populated during the ceremonial activity of ‘omikuji’, Sendal explores the angles and geometry viewed while these pieces of tied paper are suspended in the air. Light, effortless and rich in texture, Sendal’s loop and tip shear construction offers a subtle pattern in 18 colours that work elegantly in the workplace or hospitality environment.
Meet Southern Analog

Unlike the unpredictable lo-fi cameras used to inspire it, the Southern Analog collection always delivers worthwhile results. Variegated linear elements create a dreamlike impression of motion. Rhythmic installations take it further still, to provide vistas yet to be conquered.
Meet Sound & Fury

I close my eyes, feel the weight of the paintbrush in my hand, and with the first touch of paint to canvas, lose myself in the music. Moments pass and suddenly I discover a finished painting in front of me. In its texture, I see the thick strokes of the bass line and the delicate, rhythmic marks of a piano solo. In its colour, I see the brightness of a trumpet blare. In the painting, I see the song. In Sound and Fury, I see the same.  
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Meet Nordic Stories

Our travels have taken us to extreme environments: the surreal contrasts of Iceland, a country powered by nature and made up of sulphurous plains, salt terraces and geothermal pools. This is geological drama at its best, a place where isolation and dark winters create the backdrop to a unique breed of creativity. In contrast the gentle landscape of Denmark. A country peppered with archipelagos and lush forests and home of 21st Century design, where form and function meet utopian ideology.
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We’re bold collaborators who are inspired to create exceptional products that we hope inspire the designer in you. We’re driven to deliver purposeful flooring solutions that add value, improve health and safety and make this world sustainable for all segments of the hospitality market including Hotels, Restaurants, Senior Living Spaces, Casinos, and Theaters.

Want to move a little faster? Consider our Sametime Designer Service. This lets you schedule a real-time design session with a Milliken Carpet Designer online, while sharing screens and assisting in the design changes as they’re taking place. It speeds up the custom design process and helps ensure your vision is brought to life.
Need to renovate or custom-design a small area? Use the Milliken Max System™. With Max, you can work in smaller increments, such as a room-by-room or floor-by-floor basis, allowing you to renovate as your cash flow allow.
We provide complete technical services, including certified installers, flooring maintenance professionals, and post-installation support. From CAD generated Seaming Diagrams and Optimization Reports to 2D image drawings of the proposed installation, our team is ready to help.
Our floor coverings incorporate a host of technologies to protect and ensure long-term appearance retention as well as hassle-free installation, including:
• StainSmart® soil protection 
• AlphaSan® antimicrobial treatment 
• TractionBack® high-friction coating for eco-friendly, adhesive-free installation (modular carpet only)
• ColorSeal® bleach resistance
​​Ontera and its affiliated brands are engineered to cope with the most demanding environments, however without a regular maintenance program in place the carpets appearance will begin to suffer thus shortening the overall lifespan of the carpet. The following guide will help in maintaining your carpet in reducing soil traffic, removal of soil, removal of spots and stains and​ thorough cleaning methods such as hot water extraction. 
Our products are backed by a comprehensive package of warranties that ensure quality and give peace of mind. Milliken stands behind its products, protecting the beauty of the project and the design team’s reputation.​