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We believe third-party verification is critical for transparency with sustainable products and services.




Preserving nature's footprint while continually reducing ours

At Milliken, we have a clear vision of our place in the world of tomorrow. In it, the culture of disposability is unthinkable. And we’re on pace to make this happen. Through conservation and efficiency, Milliken’s floor covering division has reduced its global eco-footprint by 50% over 15 years and eliminated. The goal: get to zero landfill, zero waste generation, and zero air missions. Every day we make strides toward this objective and are getting very close. 



Diverting carpet from landfill is good for the environment, good for the economy and good for humanity. Since 2002, Milliken has had a ‘no carpet to landfill’ pledge which means we go the extra step to keep existing carpet that we are replacing on a project site from ending up in a landfill. As part of the process, we evaluate the condition of floor covering being replaced by Milliken and choose the highest form of recovery. To learn more about how to utilize this program, click below.

Tractionback® Adhesive-free Installation
In 2002, our research team created a remarkable bio-based high-friction coating that’s applied to our carpet tile backing during the manufacturing process. This patented innovation not only keeps your carpet tile securely in place, it does so without wet adhesives, floor sealers or primers. So installing, moving or replacing modular carpet is easier on you—and the environment—than ever before. No peeling of protective films or in-the-field application of extra glues or materials. Just separate the tiles and place them on the floor. TractionBack. It’s all stick. No peel.
Declare, EPDs, HPDs, BREs and other third party certifications
We believe third-party verification is critical for transparency with sustainable products and practices and we go the extra mile to ensure all of facts are certified by respected experts around the world. These expert validations include global and regional certifications such as Declare®, Environmental Product Declarations, ISO certifications, and list of other product and operations based reviews. To read more details about each of these select learn more.
renaissance sample return program
We give customers the option of returning used samples for reuse. When you’re ready to return a sample to Milliken, contact your sales rep for pick-up or use the return labels in the original shipment to send back to our sample facility where we will reuse for another project. Need a sample return label or packaging? Click here​ or call us at 800-824-2246 to let us know what you need and we’ll make the arrangements.
alternative energy
Our engineered reduction of materials and management of resources enables the family of companies of which we’re a part to be CARBON Negative. That’s right, Carbon Negative on our own merits. We actually sequester more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit as a manufacturer.

What does this mean to you? Carpets purchased from Milliken are Carbon Neutral. That’s a great peace-of-mind as you are selecting materials for any project, especially those working for LEED certification.

How do we do this? Almost half of the energy used to make our carpets is from renewable resources such as water and methane. In fact, we receive more than 80% of harvested methane from the LaGrange, GA landfill and our hydroelectric plant in South Carolina provides 10% of company-wide electricity annually. We’re always searching for new ways to reduce our impact and that includes the use of wastewater bio solids as a fuel source since 1994.

support green building initiatives

Evidence of commitment to sustainability goes beyond charts of recycled content and energy consumption. The campuses on which our associates work and our customers visit us must embrace and strive to support the reduction of resources and materials. This includes how we construct new facilities, renovate existing structures and care for the land around these spaces. If you have the chance to visit our corporate headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina, you’ll see that our commitment to sustainability is evident in the diameter of the trees on this nationally recognize arboretum.

Milliken & LEED

How Milliken Contributes
Milliken carpets and flooring solutions can help you create a LEED certified school. Learn more details on how Milliken contributions can help you reach your goal:

Our Leed Facilities
We’re upgrading our facilities in accordance with LEED® standards. Showrooms in Chicago and New York are LEED for Commercial Interiors Gold Certification.

Milliken is a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council and supports World Green Building Council activities.​