entrance flooring systems
OBEX is a modular entrance matting system, designed to provide a protective barrier against the outside elements whilst still conveying a positive first impression.

OBEX products have been engineered to increase the functionality of a building’s entrance without forsaking the aesthetics.

Designed as a three zone barrier system, OBEX traps dirt and moisture at the entrance, preventing it from entering the building. Available in colours and patterns selected to coordinate with Milliken carpet collections, OBEX is simple and easy to work with. The system offers entrance matting solutions that can be recessed or surface-mounted as well as exterior and interior applications.

The correct combination of OBEX products, situated correctly, can lengthen the appearance retention and, ultimately, the life of the carpet.​

Zone 1 - Outdoors: the area just before the building access - requires a product with scraping action to remove grit and heavy dust particles, including snow and sand.

OBEX solution = Prior™ and/or Tergo™

Zone 2 - Indoors: the primary area just inside the building - requires a product with dual action, scraping and moisture retention, to defend against dirt and moisture. This area often features a recessed matwell. ​

OBEX solution = Tergo and/or Forma™,  Quadrus™ and Foris™

Zone 3 - Indoors: the secondary area inside the building, after zone 2 - requires a textile product for moisture retention. This is also applicable to other busy circulatiaon areas within the building.

OBEX solution = Quadrus and/or Foris​