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February 07
Enjoy the visual and physical textures of Consequence 2.0

Consequence Photo.jpg
​Inspired by strength seen in the layers of bird nests, Milliken’s Consequence 2.0 collection illustrates a classic linear approach by combining visual and physical textures. 

Layers of tonal colors with undulating lines feature multi-directional patterning and design. Both elegant and functional, the collection builds on the strength of a modern and diverse structure to offer a strong foundation for any interior design. Additionally, the collection features a total recycled content of 24 percent.

To learn more about the Consequence 2.0 collection, visit our website​.

The multi-dimensional patterning and color of Consequence 2.0 can be seen in a variety of every-day objects and settings. Here are a couple images that bring this notion to life.

Blog nest.png
Image via Milliken

Hope and potential. Any single piece of a bird’s nest is weak. But together, they form a constellation of tiny junctures that, as one, can withstand the strongest winds and the heaviest rain.

Designer Rachel Boxnboim dreamed up Alice, a project that explored the possibilities of hard ceramic taking shape from something soft (Image).

Look down at the ground – from carpet to cobblestone, you will find a variety of textures below your feet (Image).

This painting reflects a textural element, but only to the human eye (​​Image). 

Lace and ruffles are just two of the countless types of textures and patterns found in fashion to satisfy a particular taste (​​Image).

​​This deep purple-colored throw is a textural fantasy – the fabric looks soft and inviting (​​Image​). 

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