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July 05
Milliken melds school spirit at York Comprehensive High

Imagine three individual schools in one district – each representing a community and a body of students – and combining them into one. That’s the challenge the York County School District faced when it chose to consolidate the area’s three high schools. The end result is York Comprehensive High School, a new two-story, 360,000-square foot high school and technology – and to that matter, the only high school in the district.
Milliken was able to take part in melding three former high school communities into a single, jointed body by customizing carpet interiors to reflect the school colors of each school in different areas throughout the building, as well as act as a guide for students navigating the expansive space.
• The Academic wing utilizes shades of blues and greens
• The common areas show neutral tones
• The Activities wing boasts bold shades of red
Doing so made everyone feel a part of this new venture.


Matt Brown, assistant superintendent for the district, shares his thoughts on working with Milliken. “Besides the obvious improvements of sound quality, underfoot comfort and ease of maintenance, the sheer installation of the intriguing tile colors and patterns throughout the building have positively impacted employees, students and visitors. It has been amazing to see the cultural change with staff and students as they have enjoyed the fresh and inviting atmosphere that the carpet has brought to York Comprehensive High’s environment.”