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April 23
Linen 2.0 brings classic textile design to the floor


Milliken’s global floor covering division introduces Linen 2.0, a collection inspired by the delicate and intricate textures of classic linen textiles. The nuances of yarn quality in traditional textiles were interpreted in the design and provide visual interest, depth, and complexity.

The Linen 2.0 collection was designed as one pattern with multiple tiles to provide greater visual balance. With commercial settings in mind, this product is available in a range of hues from neutrals to vibrant shades for a pop of color - and brings a level of sophistication to the floor.

Additional details include:

• 32 standard colors that coordinate with Milliken’s color reference system

• 1m x 1m modular carpet tiles

• ComfortPlus® ES cushion (26% recycled content)

• 20oz tufted, textured loop construction 

• 100% Milliken-certified Wear-on Nylon Type 6,6

• TractionBack® technology

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