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May 02
Dalian landmark a gateway to the city’s transformation

The Dalian International Conference Center is the centerpiece of an emerging Chinese city – Dalian. Much like the city’s transformation, the structure was designed to be a focal point among the populous community. 

The exterior is made of massive steel plates, bent into its iconic shape, which yields architectural complexities never seen before. The curvy, non-linear design creates a sense of movement through an “open system of design” – while merging a rational structure and organization with spaces of modernist architecture.

This building reflects the promising modern future of Dalian and its tradition as an important port, trade, industry and tourism city. Here are a few pictures of the masterpiece, courtesy of Dezeen magazine and Duccio Malagamba. Enjoy!​

Dalian 1.png Dalian 2.png

Dalian 3.png Dalian 6.png

Dalian 4.png Dalian 5.png

To learn more about the Dalian International Conference Center, check out this article by Dezeen magazine.

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