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July 16
Built-in protection for modular carpet tiles

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At Milliken​, we take great pride in our products, knowing that we’ve designed floor covering solutions that not only look good and perform well - but also add value to our customer’s lives.​

Milliken incorporates a host of technologies in its modular carpet tile products to protect their long-term appearance as well as ensure hassle-free installation, including:

  • ​High twist durability. Our products have higher twist levels than the industry average for more durability.
  • Premium dyes. We carefully select our dyes to reduce fading and ensure long-lasting beauty. 
  • High-definition digital patterning technology. Our patented technology uses millions of computer commands to control the dyeing and critical color matching so that our carpet is as beautiful as it is durable. This technology also enables us to create designs that offer the largest variety of size and scale.
  • Alphasan® Antimicrobial treatment. Helps prevent mold, which in turn, makes life a little easier and extends the life of our carpet.
  • Built-in stain and soil resistance. Our products are engineered with built-in stain and soil resistance, which significantly reduces soil accumulation and assists in soil removal during normal vacuuming and cleaning.
  • ​Moisture resistance. Our cushion backing systems allow for moisture resistance, and also allows for comfort underfoot.

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