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July 25
The James B. Hunt Jr. Library - I spy Milliken carpet on that floor!


The James B. Hunt Jr. Library, part of the NC State University Libraries system, is mostly composed of large open spaces that flow from floor to floor – rather than to many enclosed rooms. Because of the arrangement – combined with colorful spaces and dynamic furnishings – where and how material and color changes occurred was very important.

  • A wide variety of learning environments and technology-focused experimental labs exist beside more traditional study rooms. Carpet is the preferred floor finish within the majority of the library.
  • State-of-the-art library technology is highly visible in the building’s design to create dynamic learning environments and cater to a community built around knowledge. All design aspects were required to support its culture of innovation.

The Milliken Solution

  • Rich, intense colors were a key factor in the development of the library design. Of the many products reviewed, only the Milliken Paste Up series responded aesthetically to design intentions and targeted user groups. 
  • The beautiful vibrant colors of Milliken’s Paste Up collection​​, with the edgy, rough patterns of the Space Invader line, were exactly in tune with the spirit of the innovative university library.

Additionally, Milliken’s carpet tiles, with Comfort Plus® cushion backing and TractionBack® technology, are proven to be 10 times more efficient in reducing noise compared to other flooring options (Source: American Institute of Interior Designers).


"Since opening, the library has been overtaken by students, who are extremely enthusiastic and appreciative of their new ‘home away from home.’ This was our purpose." 
-Elaine Molinar, Managing Director for Sn

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