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September 03
Is 3-D printing inspiring a revolution?
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By now you've probably heard, read or seen an example of 3-D printing. This technology spans many different applications and industries - and has definitely been addressed in the interior design marketplace.

Interior Design magazine's article, "How 3-D printing is revolutionizing design" addresses:
  • What 3-D printing is
  • The benchmarks in future applications
  • Its impact on future design

Some noteworthy takeaways from the article include:
  • 3-D printing is a computer-controlled, digital fabrication process in which thin layers of material are built-up by a machine to create a three-dimensional object, using a variety of materials including plastic, ceramic, metal, and glass
  • 3-D printing technology can serve as a resource for creating quick design prototypes - or finished products (in the form of furniture, lighting and sculpture)
  • 3-D printing provides the opportunity to introduce products to market within a matter of weeks, allowing designers and engineers to stay current with ever-evolving trends

Could this technology bring us to the forefront of a new Industrial Revolution? Only time will tell.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic and how 3-D printing has inspired you in your everyday activities.

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