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December 19
Top 5 Moments of 2013: Number 2

​Number 2: Receiving incredible recognitiion for multiple areas of our work

NeoCon 2013 NeoCon Gold.jpg
 Members of Milliken's global floor covering divison accept the NeoCon Gold award for the Art Media collection, designed by Cresta Bledsoe. 

We aim to do good in every aspect of our work and create new ways to help designers create enhanced experiences with flooring. We believe that good design schould make life a little easier, the world a little more beatiful, and life a little more inspiring. 

The best moments of our work at Milliken happen when we are able to perfectly marry beautiful design with incredible technological innovation and sustainability features. 

We are incredibly honored to have received numerous awards from the architecture and design community during 2013, including a Best of NeoCon Gold for our Art Media collection and the Best Booth for Architectural Sensibility at HD Expo. ​

Thank you to all who made these awards possible! We are truly inspired by you.

HD Expo 2013 Milliken Booth .jpg
The Milliken booth at HD Expo 2013 that was awarded Best Booth for Architectural Sensibility.