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January 09
Beautifully upcycled designs that caught our eye

At Milliken, we believe that a healthy enterprise and healthy earth are vitally linked. We are proud of our strong heritage of innovation and deep history moving sustainability forward in carpet and textile manufacturing

For more than 100 years, Milliken has discovered new ways to be good stewards of the environment. Milliken led the way in developing the first PVC-free carpet tile in 1986 and became the first carpet and textile manufacturer to be certified carbon negative, among other achievements.

We love when designers embrace the same philosophy. Beautifully Upcycled is a popular social thread we maintain on a weekly basis to showcase creative pieces composed of recycled materials. Below is a summary of recent Beautifully Upcycled pieces that have caught our eye. You can follow the #BeautifullyUpcycled hashtag on Milliken's Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

Have you created any upcycled pieces? Please share them below or on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with #BeautifullyUpcycled.

Cardboard chair.jpg
 Image via Pinterest

Cut cardboard gives great texture and dimension to this chair made from the recycled material. Designed by Argentian architect Ana Mitrano.

Millenium Chandelier.jpg
Image via Inhabitat

Exploded party poppers live on after New Years Eve with this colorful Millenium Chandelier by Stuart Haygarth.

Bike chair.jpg
Image via Pinterest

Recycled bicycle tires put a new spin on the traditional chair with this upcycled design.