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January 23
Endless inspiration from nature
At Milliken, we are constantly inspired by the sheer beauty in nature. Whether it is the interplay of shadows on baren trees during a winter sunset or even the view of Milliken's stunning Arboretum from our Athenaeum, the ideas that come from peering into the natural environment have led to incredible floor covering designs.

Extreme Environments_Nordic Stories.jpgNordic Stories_Hidden Plains_Ash Blanket.jpg
 Image via Milliken's Nordic Stories Pinterest Board                           ​        Nordic Stories in Hidden Plains
Our recently launched Nordic Stories collection also looks to wilderness and interprets the textural landscape and geological extremes of the Northern Hemisphere. With illustrations of metamo​rphic index minerals, the movement of shifting tectonic plates, and hidden plains formed among glaciers and ice caps, the collection uses rich natural colors to provide an interior aesthetic that is uniquely Nordic.

Nordic Stories_Tectonic_Lahar_room view.jpg Nordic Stories_Isograd_Aroyyo.jpg
 Nordic Stories in Tectonic                                                          Nordic Stories in Isograd 

Designers can always look to nature to find an endless source of incredible inspiration. For more awe-inspiring images of nature's endless wonder, take a look at 18 Photos That Will Make You Wonder How Earth Is Even Real by Brian Koerber on Mashable

How is nature inspiring your design work today?