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February 04
On trend: Creating pattern upon pattern with carpet tile
Modular carpet is increasing in popularity in today's interior design. The ease-of-maintenance and user-friendly qualities make it an ideal choice for commercial, hospitality and even residential settings.  

In addition to functionality, interior aesthetics can be uniquely enhanced with modular carpet. Milliken floor covering designer Holly Nguyen shared that she is seeing varying colors of carpet tile used to create additional patterning within interior spaces.

Designers can create pattern upon pattern with carpet tile, all while using the same design. A popular trend is using multiple colors of the same floor covering design to create a color gradation. The result is a gorgeous ombre​ effect across large spaces. Below are some of our favorite examples of this concept with Milliken floor covering collections.

When paired with similar bright hues, the Fixate collection creates striped pattern upon pattern for a whimsical aesthetic. 

Color Wash gradation.jpg
The Color Wash collection incorporates a gradation of color within the design itself. When paired with similar hues, the effect provides yet another tonal ombre.

Alternatively, the Fixate collection provides a sophisticated and modern aesthetic when combined with varying gray tones and placed darkest to lightest.

How are you seeing carpet tile used creatively to add additional intrigue to interiors? We would love hear your thoughts.