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February 06
3 questions to ask to design for innovation

MLKN Color Wash_oplusa_meraki_0594.jpg
Milliken's Color Wash collection installed at the Cisco office in San Francisco. Designed by O+A, the open concept, pops of color, and chalkboard and whiteboard walls are perfect to help inspiration strike.  

Good design can facilitate innovation, creativity and productivity in workplaces around the world. We believe that is why so many successful​ brands place emphasis on workplace happiness and culture - all of which can be heavily impacted by design. 

Barbara Haaksma, vice president of design and marketing for Milliken's global floor covering division, shared insight on how to effectively design to encourage innovation at the Innovation and the Workplace Roundtable in Tel Aviv, Israel last November. The overriding theme of her message was simple - think about and understand what the end-user needs and wants in the space. 

To do so, be sure to ask the questions: 

    • ​What is the user experience in the space?
    • What does the owner of the space want to deliver?
    • How can we design spaces that help facilitate the cultural changes and/or growth that companies are trying to accomplish?

How are you specifically designing to foster workplace innovation? We would love to know.