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February 18
4 Things Online That Inspire Us

We are constantly inspired by new things happening in the architecture and design industry. Here are four things we found online that have our creative wheels spinning. 

1. The Pencil Made Easy

The Easy Pencil by Akio Hayakawa has a shorter lead piece so that none is left once the pencil is too small to use. We love how a simple modification to this timeless utensil makes it more sustainable and yes, easy to use. 

2. Social Media Facilitating Design Collaboration

Three of the top design influencers and bloggers on Pinterest will now be collaborating on a new party-planning collection for Target. According to Mashable, the retailer worked with Pinterest to identify influencers who have a broad appeal, unique style and significant followings. We are constantly inspired by how social media is changing the A&D industry. 

3. Iridescent Interiors 

Iridescent surfaces bring a glamorous and colorful aesthetic to interiors, while remaining undoubtedly sophisticated. We love these pieces shared on Interior Design's website

4. Milliken's Nordic Stories In the Media

HDP119-27 IGD119-27Combo Perspective Prop_medium.jpeg
 Nordic Stories in Hidden Plains and Isograd

Milliken's Nordic Stories collection is currently featured on the Interiors & Sources​ and Azure websites. We are always inspired when we can provide innovative collections that resonate with the A&D community.