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March 04
4 Unexpected Ways to Find Inspiration

Claire Kimble head shot.JPG
 Claire Kimble, Milliken floor covering designer 

"Inspiration for me is everywhere. As a creative designer, your mind is always looking, recording, styling, imagining, and absorbing all that is around you. Your eyes collect all you see, and then your mind's library stores it so that it is ready for your next creative project." - Claire Kimble

Inspiration is an everyday necessity for those who work in architecture and design, but it can be challenging to always feel inspired. That's why we're thrilled to share four unexpected ways to find inspiration from Claire Kimble, a floor covering designer who has been part of the Milliken European design team for more than 15 years. 

4 Unexpected Ways to Find Inspiration 

  • Leave your guidebook behind.
  • Walk everywhere.
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Take a child's point of view - the purity can be refreshing and clear. 

It was in fact her travels that inspired her and Kerry Strickland, also from the Milliken European design team, to create the Nordic Stories collection from a recent trip to Iceland.

"I love photography; it's a medium I use a lot for my inspiration gathering, whether it be photographing graffiti in Paris or the street-life of Delhi, it's all a source of pictorial inspiration," says Kimble. "I take hundreds of photographs which range from the beautiful and scenic to the ridiculous, tongue in cheek, but they all find their creative place within a project or mood-board. As you can see, travel too is important for my own inspirational findings, a different country makes me think and look at everything in a different way."

How do you find inspiration in unexpected ways?