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March 06
Milliken's Fixate Collection Enlivens Cornerstone University

Cornerstone University_Fixate 1.jpg

Students and teachers will not be the only thing occupying the new Graduate Studies building at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The bold and vivacious colors of Milliken's Fixate collection set against a modern design will help energize students and provide a learning environment that is both motivating and stimulating.

Fixate celebrates the ultimate detail in stripes, exploring precision and varying widths of fine lines. A dense, high performing felt-like cut pile base serves as a canvas on which to showcase the intricate detail and resolution. 

  • The high performance, low cut pile bridges the gap between soft and hard surfaces, offering ideal durability for education facilities. 
  • Playful and bold multicolor combinations capture a brighter attitude and optimistic environment.
  • Monochromatic combinations in fresh, clear colors, as well as subtle neutrals, also provide an option for a sophisticated, highly detailed floor that lies down  - and doesn't "pop".

We hope you enjoy a few images of the new space, which features the modular carpet collection in two colors - a combination of bright and neutral stripes to help delineate​ spaces and create intrigue on the floor plane. 

Cornerstone University_Fixate 3.jpg

Cornerstone University_Fixate 4.jpg

Cornerstone University_Fixate 2.jpg Cornerstone University_Fixate 5.jpg

See more of Milliken carpet installed in education facilities in our online gallery. Which installation in your favorite?