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March 12
On Trend: Blurring Design Aesthetics Across Industries


 Bright pops of color make the AMC Theaters headquarters feel like an exciting and inviting place to work. 

Interior design is constantly adapting to the evolving requirements of clients and end users who occupy a space. According to Milliken Floor Covering Designer Kristin Misspelled WordGruenefeld, interior environments for various types of spaces are beginning to merge. 

​"In general, it seems like the lines between office, hospitality and residential design are becoming blurred," says Kristin. "Office interiors are expanding their use of color and exploring alternate scales. There seems to be quite a few companies that are really pushing things with larger, bolder patterns that you might normally categorize as hospitality. The AMC Theaters headquarters is a great example of how design for specific industries are merging." 

Not only is hospitality design making its way to commercial spaces, but also residential design in hospitality spaces.

"In hospitality spaces such as hotels, I'm noticing more simplistic carpet patterns reminiscent of typical residential environments, although the scale is much larger and the colors often much cooler, " Kristin continues. 

Check out some of our favorite examples of this trend in our online image gallery

How are you seeing design trends merge across different industries?