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March 13
Unexpected Products Developed with Milliken Innovation

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Milliken has a deep history providing superior floor covering solutions for the architecture and design community, but did you know that Milliken innovation is also a part of unexpected products you use every day?

Since 1865, Milliken has been innovating to do good for the world, to create a new level of experience for our customers, and to build for the future. These are the purposes that drive our innovation and have led our company to help develop a diversified portfolio of products that change experiences for our customers. 

Products Created with Milliken Innovation

  • The Laundry Basket - Milliken's oldest patent, the fabric-covered laundry basket with rollers or casters was developed in 1927 to transport laundry.  

  • Tegris​(R) - Milliken's Tegris composite is the lightweight, yet strong material behind a number of products, including Tumi's Tegra-Lite luggage, kayaks, and even racing cars, where it's used in splitters. 

  • AgilonTM nylon yarn used to make women's hosiery. 

  • Washable colorants used in kid's crafting products, including washable finger paints and washable markers. 

Our continuous innovations across a variety of industries allows us to provide the best possible floor covering solutions for the architecture and design community, from design aesthetics to quality manufacturing and unparalleled​ performance. 

To learn more about the Milliken family of companies, visit www.milliken.com