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March 18
Explore the Richness of a Looped Textile with Inis Mór

Inis Mor_Low res.jpg 

 Inis Mór in Ballybane and Kilronan installed in multiple colors on the diagonal provides a structured argyle pattern.

Inspired by the structure of Irish fishermen's sweaters, Milliken's new Inis Mór collection draws upon the influence of a traditional looped stitch - of the most basic, yet complex forms of textile creation. Two designs, Ballybane and Kilronan, provide small and large-scales of organic pattern that offer ease of movement across the floor plane. 

Reflected in both pattern and construction, the all loop textile delivers incredible resilience and withstands the extreme wear and tear of high traffic areas. 

A blend of various yarns with twisted, chunky textures gives the collection a beautiful flecking and heathering effect as individual yarns capture light differently. The visual interest resulting from these irregularities ties into the inspiration of a hand-made knitted sweater. These imperfections illustrate the beauty in the organic quality. 

The collection boasts many features and benefits, including:

  • 18 colors with coordinating collections and colors easily found through Milliken's Color Reference System
  • Modular carpet tile (50 cm x 50 cm) for increased functionality
  • Tufted, textured loop construction of Aquafil Econyl® Solution-Dyed Nylon Type 6
  • Total Recycled Content of 44 percent
  • TractionBack® Technology - there's no "peel," just "stick" with TractionBack®
  • Standard with PVC-free UnderscoreTM ​Cushion Backing

Designers can easily tailor the collection using multiple hues from the color line to create a gradation of color. Creatively placing tiles also brings a new dimension to the design. If installed on the diagonal, the cable knit pattern is more visible, which provides a more linear structure.

How would you use the Inis Mór collection to create unique interior environments? 

Inis_Mor_Kilronan-Ballybane_144-Helm_Overhead_low res.jpg
 Inis Mór in Ballybane and Kilronan in Helm, a light color reminiscent of traditional Irish wool sweaters.