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March 20
Four Design Trends Worth Taking Note

From graphic and pixelated patterns to interior furnishings with handmade details, we are constantly taking note of new design trends. We hope you find the following four trends as exciting as we do. 

  • Computer generated patterns with pixelated graphics. Interior Design shares great examples of how these designs are an interesting addition to interiors. 

  • Traditional design aesthetics blurring across industries. Check out this post ​as Milliken Designer Kristin Gruenefeld shares how commercial design is taking on bold colors and patterns normally seen as hospitality.​

  • Top stitch in interior furnishings with a handmade aesthetic. Visit Azure to view a selection of chairs with beautiful top stitching details.  

  • Custom spaces designed to accommodate​ a variety of functions. The Tailored Salon by Amy Campos is a great example of purposefully creating a space to meet specific needs. 

What design trends are you seeing in the architecture and design industry?