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March 25
USGBC Announces LEED Innovation Catalog

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Innovation is a highly valued component of sustainable building design, so much so that the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has introduced the LEED Innovation Catalog, a new credit reference resource for architects. According to Batya Metalitz from USGBC​, the catalog is "a place for project teams to find innovative strategies for use on their projects."

The catalog includes a number of innovation credits, including:

  • Credits from other LEED rating systems that can double as innovation credits 
  • Retired pilot credits with materials to make completing the credit easier
  • Historically accepted innovation strategies, like green education 

How do you feel about incorporating credits for innovation strategies with LEED ratings? Will the Innovation Catalog be useful for projects you submit for LEED certification? 

Read more about the new LEED Innovation Catalog on the USGBC website.