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March 27
Three Ways to Spark Creativity
Ways to Spark Creativity.png 
Creativity can be slow to spark if you don't have effective ways to combat a creative block. Our designers have shared tips and tricks they use to make sure that ideas at Milliken are always fresh and inspired. 

Three Ways to Spark Creativity

  • Do research. Look at old books and paintings. Throughout history, art, pattern and design have evolved differently around the world. Find inspiration in the various aesthetics of traditional designs within each unique culture.   

  • Pull in team members. A fresh perspective from someone who is removed from a project can help you develop a new viewpoint. Collaboration is key to breaking a creative block.  

  • Collect and reference things that inspire you. Keep a file of thought-provoking images, textures and fun, unique ideas. Thumb through your collection and see how time alters your interpretation.  

How do you break a creative block? We would love to know.