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April 10
Three Uses For Pinterest Secret Boards

Milliken Pinterest Secret Board.jpg 

Milliken recently used a secret board to create a collaboration board with Amy Campos, the 2013 International Interior Design Association's Educator of the Year. Amy secretly pinned inspiring images, her design work, and more, before presenting it to the public. This allowed us to make sure the board was presented in a finished and complete state before allowing any other viewers.

With the addition of Pinterest Secret Boards in 2012, the architecture and design community has a whole new way of searching for and collecting ideas, products, and inspiring spaces online. Below are three ways that Secret Boards can enhance you daily design process. 

3 Uses for Pinterest Secret Boards

  • Help define clients' tastes and interior preferences. Visuals are a great way to communicate the details of design when words are not enough. With Secret Boards, clients can pin images and spaces that inspire them, and designers can also provide images of interiors to gain their perspective. Pinterest offers a great case study on how one residential interior designer used group boards to identify her client's style.  

  • Gather ideas and images when brainstorming new design concepts.  Secret boards allow users to compile images, ideas, and inspirations behind the scenes, without anyone else able to view the board's content. Once the board is picture perfect and ready to be shared with another user, whether it is a colleague or a client, a new collaborator can be added to the board. We love how the tool allows for a working collection of images, only visible to certain people in specific stages of the design process. 

  • Keep a personal collection of things that inspire you. Don't want to give away your design inspirations to others? Keep them in secret board that only you can view, while still enjoying the benefits of using Pinterest.

Are you interested in learning about how the architecture and design community can take advantage of what Pinterest has to offer? Ask your local Milliken sales representative about our CEU course, "Pinterest and the A&D Community: Sharing and Inspiring in a Digital World​," or email [email protected] for more information. 

For step-by-step instructions​ to create a secret board, visit Pinterest