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April 25
5 Web Tools for Design Collaboration

Technology is constantly changing the way people interact and work on a daily basis. ​Enhance the ability to collaborate and design online with the following five web tools.

1. Asana - Organize task management simply and efficiently with Asana. The easy-to-use interface makes it one of the most popular online project management tools available today.

2. Kippt - Archive and organize websites with this bookmarking browser. According to Kippt, "when something is collected on the site, the page and the content will be searchable, organizable, readable on devices and sharable with others."  

3. Pinterest - Group boards allow multiple people to contribute to a specific board and collaborate on a design when in different locations. You can even keep specific boards private using the Secret Boards feature if you would like to keep a project under wraps before unveiling to clients or colleagues. 

4. Homestyler - A new introduction by Autodesk, the web-based tool uses a simple drag and drop to design interiors and generates a stunning 3D view of the space.

5. Skype - Collaboration is always enhanced when you can have live face-to-face discussions. Easily connect people in different locations with Skype for brainstorm sessions, client meetings and even a casual conversation. For companies that use the Gmail interface for email, Google Hangouts and video chats are great for impromptu meetings. 

What online tools do you use to facilitate collaboration? We would love to know.