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May 08
Five Tips to Find Daily Inspiration

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Inspiration is all around us, you just have to know where to look. These five tips will help you unleash creativity on a daily basis.  

  • ​Go on a walk. Venture outside daily for a dose of clarity. Exercise is proven to increase neuroplasticity, which in turn increases creativity and inspirational thoughts. Additionally, the repetitiveness of walking helps to free the mind.  

  • Take part in a whimsical activity. Whimsical activities keep creativity fresh and inspired. Carve out time to approach a fun art project with a particular theme in mind and see what you discover. 

  • Change up your routine. Normalcy can hinder the mind from thinking out of the box. Change up your daily routine on a regular basis and see life through a new and inspired perspective.  

  • Meditate. Living in the present is a great way to gain clarity and understanding. Remove yourself from all distractions and approach your creative projects in a fully present state of mind.

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. The greatest success often comes with the greatest risk of failure, but you cannot let the fear of making a mistake dictate the creative process. Let your mind be fearlessly inspired - and see just where it will take you. 

How do you stay inspired? We would love to know. 

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