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May 20
Altered Form Collection Explores Transformative Power of Energy at HD Expo 2014

Altered Form_Dandelion Rug in Hydro.jpg Altered Form_Grain Field with Micro Crops Large in Hydro.jpg
The continuous transformation of energy throughout nature is the focus for the Altered Form Collection, introduced by Milliken’s global floor covering division at HD Expo 2014. The award-winning collection was named Best of Year by Interior Design for the 2014 broadloom carpet category.

Inspired by the first law of thermodynamics, the collection takes an inquisitive view of the earth’s natural resources as it transitions from one form to another - and through that transition, creates inspiring pattern formations. Two perspectives, micro and macro, unveil striking patterns that are inherently abstract, with a balance of scale and relief.

Altered Form_Landlines Runner in Hydro.jpg

Beauty in abstract adaptation of energy as a transformative power

Much like the scientists who studied the mystery of energy throughout history, the ‘unknown’ led them to many wonderful discoveries. Milliken’s examination of this topic unveils that particular geometries found in nature are reminiscent of various abstract forms.

Balancing an approach of science combined with design, Milliken designers Kristin Gruenefeld and Lisa Bailey viewed the collection as an exploration of micro and macro views. The result is an expansive offering of 25 designs influenced by the transformative power of natural energy sources, which invoke life into an interior. 

According to Laura Roman, hospitality design director for Milliken’s floor covering division, “The viewer’s unique perspective and their interpretation enhances the intrigue of the collection as well as the discoveries within each pattern.”

 Altered Form_Spray Rug in Hydro.jpg

Micro to Macro

The power of the collection lies in the interpretation of the thumbprint of energy, allowing our imaginations to explore and see beyond the surface to the perhaps even the molecular level.  

An examination of the micro level (or many parts) offers a glimpse into the intricate geometries and subtleties within a single part of nature. Dandelion, one pattern within the collection, illustrates the exploration of a simple dandelion in a micro point of view. From a blossoming flower evolving into a seed pod transported by the wind, the design reveals nature’s simplest but most powerful transformation of raw energy – self-renewal. 

A widened perspective of the macro view (or sum) highlights the inherent sense of detail and density of nature’s many parts. The linear qualities of earth formations in Land Lines illustrate how many small parts are used to create a large, striking pattern that is unrivaled; each piece playing a pivotal role in the overall aesthetic, much like the world in which we live.

 Altered Form_Curly Leaf Runner in Hydro copy.jpg

High-definition, high-resolution printing

Altered Form is created using Milliken’s patented printing technology, which offers the highest resolution in the industry.

“Such capabilities allow the patterns to be printed exactly as intended,” notes Tracy Francis, customer experience manager for Milliken’s hospitality market initiatives. “The incredible definition and luminous transition between colors give the illusion of movement - a key component to the collection.”   

Designers can also create custom floor coverings through Altered Form. The extreme abstract approach can be applied to a desired image of nature, providing a unique modern aesthetic tailored to an individual interior.

Available in broadloom and modular tile, Altered Form is PVC-free and is manufactured by Milliken, an industry leader in sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Additionally, the collection contributes to LEED and other green building certifications.