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May 22
Seeing is Believing: Social Media and the Visual World

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We are visual beings. Our intellect and senses are so dominated by sight, that when we want to understand something we try to find ways to visualize it or picture it. We say we want to 'see through an issue', and 'see what is going on'. When we imagine things, we see them 'in our mind's eye'. In fact, the word theory derives from the ancient Greek word for behold.

While the written word retains its power to convey certain types of information (including this blog), the Internet and social media offer us a whole new realm of ways to communicate visually. 

As we adjust to these new possibilities, there is exponential growth in the use of the most popular visual social media tools. Pinterest, for example, has more than 70 million users, despite only being four years old. The virtual pinboard, which allows users to collect, organize, and share things they discover on the Web, features more than 30 billion pins on the site. What is even more intriguing about the site, however, is the ability for one pin to be seen by and pinned by so many. In fact, 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins. 

The mobility of society also carries over to the site, as 75% of all Pinterest daily traffic comes through mobile apps. We also know that tomorrow's leaders of the architecture and design industry are also on Pinterest, as 27% of Millenials use the site at least monthly. 

Pinterest is particularly useful for designers, architects and other firms in the built environment sector because it embraces a visual and creative process. Users can gain inspiration for new projects, organize design ideas, share word and make connections for collaborations that might not have happened before.

Additionally, Pinterest offers unique features like Secret Boards for curating pins confidentially and Group Boards for collaboration that can be incredibly desirable for designers. 

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